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What are other Law Clinics up to this year?

This year for the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice 2023, Swansea Law Clinic will be hosting a ‘Climate Walk + Talk Day’ to discuss the theme ‘The Right to a Healthy Climate’ with our focus on Transportation and its pollution impacts.

This will involve an 8 mile walk from the Singleton Campus of Swansea University to Mumbles Pier, along the waterfront promenade, and back again. Fingers crossed for good weather! They will return to Singleton Campus where a talk and presentation will be given by Environmental Law Professor Karen Morrow.

The overall goal of the event is to start a conversation amongst students and staff on the issues with transit and how transportation pollution challenges our rights to a healthy environment and what we can do. The Walk and Talk is a meeting between a social and formal discussion for how students and faculty can take steps to inform each other of their environmental rights.

Thank you for your participation!

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What are other Law Clinics up to?

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What are other Law Clinics up to?

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