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GDA4..1 week to go!

We are now less than a week away from the fourth Global Day of Action on Fast Fashion. At York we are really looking forward to hearing what our colleagues around the world have found out about Fast Fashion in their countries. Students in York, for example, have been looking at the issue of piracy of designs by fast fashion makers, whilst students in Ankara, Turkey have been thinking about the impact of fast fashion on local, highly skilled tailors. We were really hoping to involve a law school from West Africa too, as so much of the UK's Fast Fashion waste ends up as landfill there. It is also often burnt which produces highly toxic emissions as there is so much plastic in fast fashion.

York students have also been liaising with Brazilian students who are incredibly knowledgeable about the devastating impact of illegal gold mining in the Amazon region. Mercury is used in this and leeches into the rivers and water table causing widespread sickness. It is incredible to think that diners in London are eating gold-leaf coated steaks at £700 each when so much suffering is attached to the production of gold in some countries. Even worse when you consider gold-leaf is completely flavourless.

The students will be presenting their findings at a seminar in the University of York Law School Building, PBL area at 5.00pm on 17 November. Please feel free to join us.

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