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GDA 4 Fast Fashion

Last November student lawyers from all over the world took part in tracking an item of fast fashion in its journey from design to destruction. They worked through the stages of production looking at where the garment was first conceived, where the raw materials came from, how it was produced, how it was destroyed and who "benefitted" most from such low cost items. Student teams from Brazil, India, Turkey, the USA and the UK produced a series of videos which they shared at an interactive student conference hosted in person and online at the University of York Law School on November 17 2022.

Over the next few weeks we will be posting links to some of these videos as a prompt for discussing what should be our next GDA theme for GDA 5 this November 17 2023.

No. 1 Students from the Amazon Human Rights Clinic on the impact of mercury on the watersupply in the Amazon

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