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GDA 5: The Right to a Healthy Climate

Marking the 5th anniversary of the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice, we have chosen the theme: The Right to a Healthy Climate. We chose this theme partly because the UN has recently been approaching climate change from a rights-based perspective but also because of the groundbreaking case that has been heard in the ECHR brought by a group of teenagers from Portugal against all the members of the EU on this very basis.

This year, the York Law School are organising a panel discussion intertwined with a Q&A element. We have invited excellent speakers from a range of backgrounds to provide expertise on the avenues that impact The Right to a Healthy Climate. We encourage you to join us on the 17th of November. You can sign up by following this link:

Additionally, some individuals who are part of the York Law School have written interesting articles that provide us with further insight on The Right to a Healthy Climate. Keep an eye out for these fascinating blog posts that will be published here in the lead up to the 17th of November 2023.

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