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GDA 4 Nov 17 2022

This is our 4th GDA. Could not be prouder of the amazing team of students here at York. Right now they are working on a Swap Dont Shop event downstairs in the Law School Lobby, and later on they are going to be showing the many videos submitted to us by law schools around the globe on the impact of fast fashion in their countries. This Tracking Project looked at which might be the countries most involved in producing a fast fashion item like a t-shire and then broke its journey into stages including production of raw materials, design, manufacture, consumption, waste and destruction. They then contacted university law clinics in those countries most likely to be affected at the identified stages and invited them to produce short videos looking at what happened int their countries relating to such a garment and what the law had to say about the impact. We will be releasing their videos here and on our instagram account and our website the next few days so please keep your eyes peeled!

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