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Global Day of Action

Every year, on the 17th of November, the Baroness Hale Legal Clinic at York Law School hold the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice; a worldwide initiative that works to connect legal clinics together in order to raise awareness for the climate emergency. 


Get to Know Us

The Global Day of Action was founded in 2019 by academics at York Law School, University of York following an international conference which highlighted the impact of University staff and students in taking action against the threat of climate change. However, it was clear that this doesn't always translate to University curriculums.

Across the world, Clinical Legal Education is used within Universities to give students the opportunity to study Law through real cases, and the team at York decided that this was a great way for students and staff to learn about, raise awareness for and tackle the Climate Emergency in higher education. The Climate Justice Pledge was born, which was signed by 70 different Universities as a symbolic promise to prioritise the climate and environment in their Clinic work.

It didn't stop there though. In order to hold ourselves and the signees accountable to stick to the pledge, the Global Day of Action was born. For one day a year, on November 17th, Law Clinics across the world commit to doing one thing to tackle the Climate Emergency.

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